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Watch out adventurers and discoverers! Let your dream of liberty and adventure come true!

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2013 Ballooning teams can arrive earlier or depart later. Both offers are sponsored and include the same services as the core adventure!

» a. Preweekend:
Early arrival of the ballooning teams Thursday 31.01.2013. So 5 extra nights. From Euro 1.099,- per team. *)
» b. The "Int. Arctic Ballooning Adventure 2013":
Arrival Tuesday 05.02.2013 - Departure Friday 15.02.2013.
From Euro 2.290,- per team.
» c. Postweekend:
Late departure Monday 18.02.2013 so 3 extra nights.
From Euro 659,- per team. *)

*) Please note the above dates are the dates of arrival and departure of the balloon teams. The ballooning is also the earliest one day after arrival at least one day before departure possible.

For hundreds of years adventurers have tried discovering something new under arctic conditions.

From 6. - 14.2.2013* it is getting possible for you, too to comprehend what they have experienced at temperatures of -20 to-30 degrees Centigrade.

Under the theme "Be part of the team!" hot-air balloons from all over Europe come together in Gällivare to glide in absolute silence over the untouched, bizarre snowy landscape and experience the feeling of adventure and absolute liberty. Besides the ballooneries, this offer also contains extraordinary arctic activities like an overnight stay in the Laino Ice Hotel, a ride on a husky sleigh ... and much more. But primarily very much fun!

Use the adventure private or for your incentive groups and events!
You'd like to take part with your own balloon?
In that case take a look at our special offer for "Balloon Teams"!

If your friends would like to accompany you, they can use our "Friends" offer.

* Arrival for the balloon teams at least one day before.

Take the adventure home or for your incentives and events!!

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